Florence Henri
Mirror of the Avant-Garde 1927–40

Influenced by Constructivism, Cubism, and Surrealism, art practices during the interwar period of European movements used photography to experiment with new ways of seeing, knowing, and represeting the world. Florence Henri’s photography reflects this spirit of creative euphoria, in which technology, urban design, and filmmaking, together with photography, represented both the spirit of innovation and progress and that of rebellion against the prevailing visual order.

Henri’s photographic experiments on perceptual processes—her studies of perspective, depth of field, and optical effects, using devices and techniques such as mirrors, double exposures, collages, and photomontage—have become essential reference points in the history of modern photography.

English version published by: Jeu de Paume and Aperture
Texts: Marta Gili, Cristina Zelich,
Susan Kismaric and Giovanni Battista Martini.
224 pages, 180 illustrations. Price: 45 euros

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