The Trouble with Avi
Discussions with Avi Mograbi

"The Trouble with Avi" frames acclaimed Israeli director Avi Mograbi’s filmic and artistic practice combining screening his entire filmography with a series of conversations that aim to probe, deconstruct and bring a more critical insight into the singularity and complexity of his œuvre. His interlocutors include artist Guy Ben Ner, historian, iconologist and belle-lettrist Elias Sanbar and eminent film historian theorist, Ella Shohat.

Discussion with Avi Mograbi and Rasha Salti

Avi Mograbi: Discussion with Guy Ben-Ner, artist

Avi Mograbi presents his new project

Avi Mograbi: Discussion with Elias Sanbar, historian

Avi Mograbi presents his films Happy Birthday Mr. Mograbi and Once I Entered a Garden

Avi Mograbi: Discussion with Ella Shohat historian, Professor of Cultural Studies at New York University

Carte blanche to Avi Mograbi
Avi Mograbi presents Mysterious Object at Noon by Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Notre Nazi by Robert Kramer and A Moment of Innocence by Mohsen Makhmalbaf