Roger Parry
from 18 September 2007
until 18 November 2007

This exhibition takes a new look at the work of Roger Parry, the various phases of which are united by their relation to the world of publishing. This is the context in which we can make sense of his development as a photographer.

Roger Parry is best known for the work he did between 1929 and 1932, which is when he discovered the creative riches of photography through Maurice Tabard. His experiments combined directly recorded images and darkroom magic to produce images like the one published to illustrate Banalité by Léon Paul Fargue, for which he won professional acclaim.
From Banalité to Tahiti, as an illustrator at NRF and collaborator with André Malraux, Parry juggled with the art of seeing and the art of being seen, constantly adding a theatrical dimension to his photographs.
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