André Kertész, The Double of a Life

Featuring many unpublished photos (a third of the show), with a selection in colour, this retrospective retraces the career of André Kertész, whose work very much reflected his life and feelings, from the early days in Hungary (1912-1925) and his artistic development in France (1925-1936) to the years of isolation in New York (1936-1962) and then international fame (1962-1985).

Exhibition contents

164 modern B/W gelatin-silver prints, 26 modern colour prints.
195 frames (157 frames 58.5x48.5 cm, 26 frames 72.5x57.5 cm, 12 frames from 30x43 cm to 81.5 x62 cm).

Presentation: white passepartouts with captions, natural oak moulding.

Delivered as: 10 wooden crates / total weight: 900 kg, 5 m3.

Exhibition organized in collaboration with the Médiathèque de l'architecture et du patrimoine, ministère de la Culture et de la Communication.
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