Introduction to the Vasco Araújo catalogue
Marta Gili

We are happy to greet the second edition of the Satellite programme at the Jeu de Paume, which kicks off with this work by the Portuguese artist Vasco Araújo (Lisbon, 1975). This time the curatorship has been entrusted to María Inés Rodríguez (Zipaquira, Colombia, 1968), who has designed her project on the basis of the actual concept of a satellite.

Barely thirty years ago all the data handled by artificial satellites pertained to the military and scientific fields. Nowadays satellites are at the personal, everyday disposal of ordinary citizens of the western world. From GPS navigation devices to Internet connections and data exchanges with remote corners of the globe, via the theme channels that parade across our domestic television screens and programmable household appliances, satellites have acquired a paradoxically twofold role in our lives, as both watchdogs and confidants.

In her Satellite programme María Inés Rodríguez invites us to explore these same equivocal terrains, midway between surveillance and expression, between public and private — between Self and Other, in short — which are the outcome of constant technological, social and political mutations. All the guest artists will again occupy the gaps and chinks in the Jeu de Paume's layout, those multi-purpose waste spaces that lie long every visitor's route. Some are real places (the café, hall, mezzanine and foyer), others are virtual (the Jeu de Paume web site), but all will serve to conduct experiments, raise questions, and foster interchange.

Marta Gili
Director of the Jeu de Paume
July 2008