Rosa Barba: "Back Door Exposure"
Satellite 5 / Curator: Filipa Oliveira
from 22 May 2012
until 23 September 2012
Jeu de Paume, Paris

Cinema is Rosa Barba’s language, she creates it, analyses it, researches it and dissects it separating its different parts – such as words, soundtracks, images, and light - and (re)presents them, sometimes isolated from each other. Film, with its limitations as a medium, is transformed into a sculptural and textual object. There is a constant transposition, a continuous flow between being a medium and being the art object, between being content and being form. Rosa Barba is very interested in how film, as a document, relates to reality, how history itself relates to reality. In this sense her films inhabit what seems to be a doc-fiction discourse, questioning itself constantly.

In her installations, such as Invisible Act (2010), we are confronted with the continual transposition of material into image and back again. The projectors become a central moment of the installation, surpassing their ontological purpose and becoming closer to kinetic machines or sci-fi experiments. This idea of exploring the boundaries of the medium is at the core of this artist’s practice.

Rosa Barba, Italian, born in 1972, lives in Berlin.

> To watch the Rosa Barba's video portrait:

> Curator: Filipa Oliveira

> The Fondation nationale des arts graphiques et plastiques (FNAGP) contributes to the production of the works of the Satellite program.

Satellite 5 is organized in collaboration with
The Fondation Calouste Gulbekian, the Instituto Camões
and the Embassy of Portugal in France.

Exhibition in collaboration with the Kunsthaus Zürich
and the Bergen Kunsthall.

The exhibition is organized with support of the
Dena Foundation for Contemporary Art
and the Institut Culturel Italien, Paris

In partnership with art press, and Radio Nova.

Acknowledgments to Sandeman and Ferreira Porto.
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