"Side Effects" cycle /
Online exhibition
from 16 March 2012
until 22 October 2012
Online Art Projects

The exhibition “Form@ts” looks at the emergence, obsolescence and import-export of artistic forms on the Internet. It proposes artistic projects that are representative of the question of format: format not as a fixed form but, on the contrary, the representation of a hybridisation, a friction between several forms often imported from other fields of representation and knowledge.

>"Form@ts" >espace virtuel >16 mars 2012 — 18 septembre 2012

Curator: Christophe Bruno

In collaboration with:
> Samuel Tronçon (research in network theory and mathematical logic), philosopher and director of , network research team.
> Chrystelle Desbordes (research in history of art), doctor in history of art and art critic.

espace virtuel acknowledges the support of
Les Amis du Jeu de Paume