Guan Xiao. Weather Forecasts
Satellite carte blanche. Screenings and discussion with Guan Xiao and curator Heidi Ballet
08 June 2016
19h00 to 20h30
Concorde, Paris

Guan Xiao is one of the most promising young artists in East Asia today. Working with both video and sculpture, she explores the way we observe the world and how the senses of sight and hearing shape our understanding. The sensorial experience of viewers, both visual and auditory, becomes the central element of her work.

Taking the form of experimental immersive environments, Guan Xiao’s installations express the artist’s desire to create a pure audiovisual experience, free of narrative and documentation. These images are chosen for their communicative power. The artist samples her images from the Internet, which she treats as a huge data bank determining each person’s understanding of the world, whatever part of the planet they inhabit.


Weather Forecasts (2016, 12’48’’)
Action (2014, 10’)
David (2013, 4’43'')
Reading (2013, 5’38’’)

Heidi Ballet and Guan Xiao will discuss the artist’s new work, Weather Forecasts, produced specially for the exhibition at Jeu de Paume, as well as other recent videos and sculptures.

Admission free, capacity allowing. Information:

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