Lucien Hervé. Geometry of Light
Catalogue of the exhibition

Lucien Hervé (1910–2007) was a leading architectural photographer, known above all for his collaboration with Le Corbusier, although he also worked with other famous twentieth-century architects. A constructor of images, Hervé was able to evoke the whole out of a single detail, or convey space through the play of shadow and light. His rigorous sense of composition always hinged on geometry, sometimes to the point of abstraction.

Hervé also displayed a profound social commitment, seeking the presence of the “living” everywhere. This catalogue pays him tribute by sparking a dialogue–as he himself used to do–between the old and the modern, the traditional and the novel, the abstract and the human.

Foreword: Marta Gili.
Texts by Imola Gebauer, Zaha Hadid,
Michel Ragon and Lucien Hervé.
Publishers: Jeu de Paume / Liénart Editions.
Bilingual French / English, 28,5 x 22 cm, 192 pages.
Price: 35 euros.

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