Gordon Matta-Clark. Anarchitect
Tour of the exhibition by Sergio Bessa and Jessamyn Fiore, curators
05 June 2018
18h00 to 19h00
Jeu de Paume, Paris

Featuring one hundred artworks by Gordon Matta-Clark, the exhibition "Anarchitect" explores the importance of Matta-Clark’s practice towards a rethinking of architecture after modernism. Embracing a diversity of media that include photography, film and printmaking, the exhibition features a number of works related to contemporary urban culture that further contextualize Gordon Matta-Clark’s compelling critique of architecture.

Soon after completing his studies at Cornell University School of Architecture (1962-1968), Matta-Clark moved to New York and started developing a series of artworks in situ that seemed to perform an anatomy of sorts on the very body of the urban landscape by literally cutting structures apart and exhibiting the remnants as demonstration.

Tour of the exhibition “Gordon Matta-Clark. Anarchitect” by curators Sergio Bessa et Jessamyn Fiore, Tuesday 5 June, 6-7 pm.
Free on presentation of a ticket for that day’s exhibition.
Information: infoauditorium@jeudepaume.org

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