Around Luigi Ghirri
Round table with Olivo Barbieri, Raymond Depardon and Claire Tenu
le 12 février 2019
19h00 - 21h00
Jeu de Paume, Paris

Starting in the 1960s, and for a variety of reasons, photographers began exploring ways of representing the national scene that would show the present realities of their country without resorting to artifice. Their themes included landscape, human geography, industry, everyday life, cities and urban development, street life and banality: picturesqueness and stereotypes were to be avoided.

These efforts crystallised around the journal AFAL in Spain (Pérez Siquer, Massats, Terré, Colom), the exhibition “New Topographics” in the United States (Adams, Nixon, Shore, Baltz, Nixon), the DATAR photographic mission in France (Depardon, Ristelhueber, Lafont, Doisneau, Koudelka) and the “Viaggio in Italia” project in Italy (Ghirri, Basilico, Jodice, Barbieri, Chiaramonte).
Photographers experimented with new visual forms that could integrate the notions of observation and documentation into their representations. This approach continues to influence photographers around the world even today.

Raymond Depardon, who worked for the Photographic Mission initiated by DATAR (France’s interministerial delegation for regional development) in the 1980s, and Olivo Barbieri, who was involved in “Viaggio in Italia” during the same period, will talk about their approach to the visual image on these projects and offer their current thoughts on landscape photography more generally.
Since graduating from the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts de Paris in 2007, Claire Tenu has developed a lyrical and speculative practice of photography which weaves together several different disciplines: composition and montage, topographic description and filmic narrative, writing and installation. She will present her landscape work, echoing that of Luigi Ghirri.

Round table in the Jeu de Paume auditorium, Tuesday 12 February 2019, 7–9 pm, with Olivo Barbieri, Raymond Depardon and Claire Tenu, moderated by Quentin Bajac.

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