Traité anti-sentimental
Discussion with Francesco Masci
26 February 2019
19h00 to 20h00
Concorde, Paris

Éditions Allia and Jeu de Paume invite you to meet Francesco Masci and talk about his book Traité anti-sentimental, published in September 2018.

When we look at a photograph, memory has given way to recognition. According to Marshall McLuhan, photography is an instrument whereby objects reproduce themselves. And subjects, too, we should add. It “imbues the inner world with the élan of reproduction.” It is via photography that perishable evidence is produced to prove an existence that has become subject to doubt, unstable and unreal. The selfie is its most desperate and, also, most legitimate expression.

Traité anti-sentimental, a philosophical investigation into the subservience of absolute culture to technology, demonstrates the systematic collapse of all the abstract structures that were the foundation of the modern project. Before the heralded fusion of technology and images, the real has emerged as the last superstition.

Discussion Tuesday 26 February at 7 pm, in the Jeu de Paume educational space.
Admission free, first come first served