Pierre & Gilles, double je
from 26 June 2007
until 23 September 2007
Jeu de Paume, Paris

This exhibition presents a selection of 120 works made between 1976 and 2007. Pierre et Gilles began working together in 1976, and their distinctive style has enjoyed great success ever since. Their photographs are all painted, making each one unique. They have established a distinctive visual world drawing on popular culture, mythology, magic, slapstick, religion and eroticism. The two artists explore and reinvent popular images, crossing frontiers and fuelling a collective imagination that reaches well beyond the confines of contemporary art.

Their personal pantheon is peopled by stars from the worlds of pop, rock, fashion, art, cinema and the clubbing scene, but also by unknown individuals they have met over the years. They have also produced numerous self-portraits. Each image tells a story, with the effectiveness and often cruel tenderness of tales for children.

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