Denis Savary "meilleurs vœux / d'après"
Programmation Satellite. Cycle "Terrains de jeux" 2/4
from 22 January 2008
until 30 March 2008
Jeu de Paume, Paris

Denis Savary, an up and coming Swiss artist, will be conceiving an intervention for the second instalment of “Satellite”, the new programme dedicated to contemporary art.

Denis Savary's works are made with great economy of means and require concentration from the viewer. His videos, which are shot in real time, using still, wide shots, may seem to show nothing but banal, familiar scenes, or at best to represent a form of pure documentary, and yet Savary is nevertheless guiding our gaze to what he has chosen to record. What is needed is an almost contemplative attitude if we are to appreciate the aesthetics and poetry hidden in his images. It is the same with his drawings, which are meticulous and simple, formed by a few sketched lines in pencil, all on the same standard A4 paper.

For the Jeu de Paume, Denis Savary has had the idea of extending a theme developed in his exhibition at the Jenisch Museum in Switzerland (12 October 2007-20 January 2008). Rather than presenting works in the time-honoured way, Savary examined the history of the host institution to find anecdotes that he could refer to in order to fill the space with poetic interventions evoking the collections and their past.
At the Jeu de Paume - Concorde, Savary has chosen to invoke Kokoschka's famous doll, which he first resuscitated at the Jenisch Museum. This time, the doll will be transformed into a kind of scarecrow-doll that “attracts” to itself works from the museum in Vevey. Savary will also show videos. His concern to set up an interaction between the works he conceives and the space where he exhibits fits perfectly into the spirit of the “Satellite” programme, which aims to question the status of the image, of the artist and of the exhibition form itself, by seeing them through the prism of the newest art.
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