Valérie Mréjen: la place de la Concorde
from 15 April 2008
until 15 June 2008
Jeu de Paume, Paris

Artist, photographer and writer, Valérie Mréjen uses a variety of mediums to explore the rich potential of language. She uses short, familiar stories from everyday situations that she has read about or experienced to evoke childhood and its memories, the cruel or comical sides of life, commonplaces and misunderstandings. Her approach endows these familiar stories with an obsessive quality, making them strange through the power of the dialogue and the emptiness we can sense behind them.
In her films Mréjen presents everyday situations that are like a sampling of human relations.

Valérie Mréjen has made several videos and two short films and has published three stories: Mon Grand-père (1999) — which she continued in 2000 with the photographs in the series L'Appartement de mon grand-pèreL'Agrume (2000) and Eau sauvage (2003), all with Allia. Her film Pork and Milk (52 mins) was made in 2002 when a gallery in Tel Aviv asked her to produce a work about contemporary Israeli society for an exhibition there.

This exhibition is organized in partnership with
À Nous Paris, Blast, FIP et Télérama

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