Neuflize OBC
A special partner

Neuflize OBC is a special partner of Jeu de Paume.

After ten years as a faithful partner of the Centre national de la photographie, Neuflize OBC naturally decided to maintain its commitment when the Cnp’s activities were transferred to this new entity under the name Jeu de Paume.
Since then, Neuflize OBC has supported the ambitions and activities of the institution at its Place de la Concorde and Hôtel de Sully sites. It seeks to actively foster the development of Jeu de Paume both nationally and internationally.

This action is perfectly coherent with the mission that Neuflize Vie defined for itself at the moment of its creation in 1990, namely, to provide constant and enduring support for the creation of contemporary images. For 18 years now, the company has supported exhibitions and festivals, publishing projects and research work, aided production, commissioned photographers, built up its own collection, awarded prizes, and of course, supported institutions. Confirming the sincerity of its commitment, in 1997 it created a foundation to promote photography which will give permanence to its action by acting as laboratory of ideas and generator of propositions.
For Neuflize Vie, the patronage strategy that it has pursued since its foundation also helps foster its own capacity to respond and adapt to today’s world, and the ambitious programme of Jeu de Paume is particularly stimulating in this respect.

At Neuflize OBC, being a sponsor is part of the way we think of our profession. Going beyond our mission of protecting and enriching assets, it represents our way of capturing the signals from a world in motion, of challenging habits, of constantly broadening the field of possibility. Our activity as insurer is enriched by the intuitive and visionary perception of artists. Supporting art in a spirit of discovery and openness is one with our sense of innovation and service. For us, it represents another form of long-term commitment, another way of projecting into the future.