Christophe Bruno, "Le Dadamètre"
Adaptation for the Jeu de Paume online art space.
Proposition for the second part of the Satellite programme
from 21 October 2008
until 04 April 2009
Online Art Projects

The Dadamètre is a global rating designed to measure our distance from Dada. Inspired by Raymond Roussel and his method, this project satirises the recent transmutation of language into a global market governed by Google. It uses the latest control and surveillance technologies in order to draw a large-scale map of language.

For the second part of the Jeu de Paume Satellite programme, the Dadamètre project will be adapted for the online art space.

Version 1 of the Dadamètre was co-produced by the Rencontres Internationales Paris-Berlin-Madrid for new cinema and contemporary art, within which framework it was exhibited in Madrid from 5 to 14 May 2008.

Programming: Valeriu Lacatusu