Robert Frank, a Foreign Look
Paris / The Americans
from 20 January 2009
until 22 March 2009
Jeu de Paume, Paris

In his work Robert Frank (American, born in Switzerland in 1924) has developed a dialogue between photography and poetry, literature and painting, and created a language that both conveys subjective experience and continues the heritage of documentary photography.

One of the highlights of his abundant production of photographs and films is a legendary book of photographs, The Americans (published in France in 1958). In the early 1950s, when living in New York, Frank also produced a series of images of Paris, his vision sharpened by his distance from Europe.

This exhibition proposes a dialogue between a selection of photographs of Paris, chosen by Robert Frank and Ute Eskildsen (presented at the Museum Folkwang in Essen) and the complete ensemble of photographs from The Americans, loaned for the occasion by the Maison Européenne de la Photographie (Paris).
Extending the two photographic series, Paris and The Americans, this exhibition offers a selection of his movies, both in the exhibition — Pull My Daisy (1959, 28 minutes); True Story (2004, 30 minutes) and in a special programme shown in the Auditorium.

Curator: Ute Eskildsen, curator of the photography department at the Museum Folkwang, and Marta Gili, director of Jeu de Paume.

In partnership with A Nous, Blast, de l'air,, Fip

Scenography: jasmin Oezcebi / franck Vinsot.
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