Ai Weiwei: uncoding a symbol
Discussion with Jean-Philippe Béja, Franck Renaud,
Alain Le Bacquer, and Pierre Haski
06 March 2012
18h30 to 20h30
Jeu de Paume, Paris

Discussion “Ai Weiwei : décryptage d’un symbole” [Ai Weiwei: uncoding a symbol], with Jean-Philippe Béja, researcher specialising in contemporary China, Franck Renaud, Head of the Asia-Pacific Service at Courrier international, Alain Le Bacquer, photo-journalist, and Pierre Haski, journalist and Director of Rue89.

Tuesday 6 March, 6.30pm, in the auditorium. Free admission.
Reservation required on

In partnership with Courrier international, Polka Magazine, Rue89 and France Info.

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