Florence Henri. Mirror of the avant-garde 1927-1940
Tour of the exhibition by Cristina Zelich and Giovanni Battista Martini
24 February 2015
18h00 to 19h00

To mark the opening of the new exhibitions, Jeu de Paume invites you to a tour of “Florence Henri. Miroir des avant-gardes 1927-1940” with Cristina Zelich, the curator, and Giovanni Martini, custodian of the Archives Florence Henri.

Florence Henri (New York, 1893–Compiègne, 1982) was a protean artist who was known as a painter before she made a name for herself as an avant-garde photographer between the late 1920s and the early 1940s. After living in Silesia, Munich, Vienna, Rome and, above all, Berlin, she settled in Paris in the mid-1920s and devoted herself to photography. This medium enabled her to experiment with new relations to space, notably by introducing mirrors and other objects into her compositions.

Jeu de Paume is presenting a broad panorama of Henri’s photographic output between 1927 and 1940, comprising self-portraits, abstract compositions, portraits of artists, nudes, photomontages and collages, but also documentary photographs taken in Rome, Paris and Brittany. The exhibition consists mainly of vintage prints and features a selection of documents and publications.

Tour of the exhibition with Cristina Zelich and Giovanni Martini, in the framework of the Mardis Jeunes (young visitors’ Tuesdays).
Tuesday 24 February, 6pm. Free admission on presentation of the exhibition ticket of the day.

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