François Kollar. A Working Eye
Exhibition tour by Matthieu Rivallin and Pia Viewing, curators
29 March 2016
18h00 to 19h00
Jeu de Paume, Paris

In its series of its Tuesday night events for young visitors, Jeu de Paume invites you to tour the “François Kollar. A Working Eye” exhibition with Matthieu Rivallin and Pia Viewing, curators.

François Kollar was born in Szenc, Hungary in 1904 (now the Slovakian town of Senec) and died in Créteil, France in 1979. He was first employed on the railways in his native country and then worked as a lathe operator at Renault’s Boulogne-Billancourt factory, before becoming a professional photographer at the age of 24 after gaining solid experience as a studio manager at the Parisian printer’s, Draeger. His in-depth knowledge of the world of work, in sectors as diverse as advertising, fashion, industry, handicrafts and agriculture, allowed him to portray tools, materials and gestures with exceptional professional expertise.

This retrospective features an ensemble of 130 vintage prints, some of which are previously unseen, as well as others from the photographer’s family’s bequest to the state. It puts Kollar’s work in the spotlight and shows how he managed to lift the veil on the working world in the 20th century. As visitors discover the documentary, artistic and historical qualities of the material on show, they will be able to observe how individuals found their place in society by the means of their occupation and realise the profound changes that took place in industry between the 1930s and the 1960s.

Tuesday 29 March at 6 pm. Free tour for students and visitors under 26. Admission on presentation of exhibition ticket, valid on the same day only.

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