Sabine Weiss
Catalogue of the exhibition

The last representative of the humanist school, embodied by Robert Doisneau, Willy Ronis, Édouard Boubat and Brassaï, Sabine Weiss (born in 1924) occupies a unique place within French photography. For over a period of almost sixty years, her work spanned a wide variety of domains, from reportage to portraits and from fashion to advertising, as well as her own personal work. She travelled extensively, working for both the French and international illustrated press, demonstrating an avid passion for photography, coupled with an insatiable curiosity.

Here, the photographer reveals her archives for the first time, which include original documents and some previously unseen images, amassed over the course of a prolific career. A tribute to an independent and lively personality, with a great sensitivity to people and the everyday details of daily life, this volume offers an insight into the thousand and one facets of the photographic treasure trove that is the work of Sabine Weiss.

Coedition Jeu de Paume / Éditions de la Martinière.
Foreword of Marta Gili, texts of Virginie Chardin.
192 pages. Approx. 180 ill. b/w and color.
35 euros.

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