Ismaïl Bahri. Instruments
Catalogue of the exhibition

Instruments is the catalogue accompanying Ismaïl Bahri’s exhibition of the same title at the Jeu de Paume. It is also his first monograph.
Bahri’s œuvre, which dates back to the 2000s, is like a precise and sensitive record of events and experiments; its often mechanical kinetics are particularly evocative of the film process. His experiments are based on the tiny nuances and minute developments that occur when simple things are brought into contact with each other. They demand an acuteness of gaze that leads one to question the limits of perception and the visible.

Foreword – Marta Gili. “Simplicity dazzled” – Jean-Christophe Bailly.
“Leaving it to the wind” – A conversation between Ismaïl Bahri, Guillaume Désanges and François Piron.
Notes on the exhibited works – Marie Bertran.
Select bibliography.

Hardcover, 17 × 23 cm, 208 pages.
About 100 colour illustrations.
Bilingual French / English. Publisher: Jeu de Paume.
Price: 35 euros.

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